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MEMO Money Orders

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Alternative Financial Services

Who Buys Money Orders?

MEMO Money Orders are a safe, convenient alternative to cash or personal checks. Money orders can be used to pay for products or services worldwide.

MEMO Money Orders are also a convenient, low-cost way to send money.

MEMO offers its money order product to retailers in 20 states. Find out more information on becoming a MEMO agent.

“I use money orders to send money to my parents in California. They are older and don’t trust mobile apps or electronic transfer. I buy MEMO Money Orders because I know they can be traced and replaced if lost or stolen.”

Anthony Webster, New Jersey

Our Money Services

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Money Orders

Did you know that MEMO Money Orders are good for a long time? If you find an old money order in Grandma’s attic call MEMO Customer Service today!

High Limit

You can purchase MEMO Money Orders for different amounts depending on your needs.

More Information

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The Best Choice for Sending Money


MEMO Money Orders are secure.

Accepted Anywhere

MEMO Money Orders are accepted anywhere.


MEMO Money Orders are traceable documents.


MEMO Money Orders can be replaced.

Become a Money Order Agent Today!

Join over 3,000 MEMO Money Order agents in 20 States today! Be a force in our neighborhood in providing alternative financial services to customers. 

Due to the recent events involving the COVID-19 pandemic, we are experiencing higher call volumes than normal. The answers to many of your questions as well as any forms you may need can be found here on our website. For other inquiries please contact us via email at Our automated phone attendant is also available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week at 1-800-922-8079. We appreciate your business and will do our very best to continue to promptly and efficiently serve your needs during this unprecedented situation.
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